Agalonema Wishes plant
Agalonema Commutatum Wishes
Aglaonema Wishes in plant pot
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Aglaonema Commutatum Wishes – Chinese Evergreen

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Aglaonema Wishes -

My origins and family: Tropical Asia

Looking good! Glossy oval type leaves with the slightest hint of pink and green foliage. I can grow the same in width and height up to 50 cm. I may be little but I am tough!

I thrive best when I’m...

Indoors: Medium to bright indirect sunlight however can tolerate low light.

Outdoors: In a shady but sheltered part of your patio.

Likes: Growing slowly with regular limited watering in summer.

Dislike: Over watering in winter.

Ideas:  I am perfect as an office or home working plant companion as I can cope with artificial light and would love to bring a little light into your working day.

Pot Size: 100mm

Pet Friendly: No, mild to moderate effects


Brightness: Prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight or part shade.
Can also tolerate low light conditions


Air Purifying: Yes, excellent for this



Plant size: up to 50cm’s