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Where we were planted and how we grew …

Meet Owners Clint and Sacha


“My love and passion for plants and horticulture was not the dream story from the beginning.”

My father is a passionate gardener and I remember the days when I was given the role of ‘Vegetable Patch Assistant’, whilst planting seeds in his much loved vegetable garden – I was thinking, ‘I would rather be playing sport.’ However, like many things in life, my father’s passion did sow seeds and did grow and I now, am the passionate gardener.

So that’s how my love of horticulture and my career started; my first job was as a trolley boy at one of the country’s leading nursery retailers with my first promotion as a nursery hand. After my school years, I continued my studies P/T at Tafe, gaining a Diploma in Horticulture whilst taking on the role of manager at a leading retail chain.
After 11 years I chose to transplant into a fertiliser manufacturing firm as a Sales Representative which led to the role of National Commercial Sales Manager where I set down roots for 16 years. This gave me the opportunity to gain a Diploma in Management, Certificate IV in Sports Turf Management and various other certificates within
horticulture and soil agronomy.

One of my greatest pleasures is the ability to transfer and share my horticulture and technical expertise into advice and programs for professionals and customers regarding turf, landscaping, nurseries, horticulture and revegetation. My knowledge of all aspects of soil and plant nutrition, soil preparation and growing plants has aided the development of new markets across our state and further services into international destinations such as the United Arab Emirates. I take great interest in the development of new formulations and unique products – considering this to be one of my greatest attributes.

The inspiration for our company was planted from the wonder of flora and fauna which flourishes in the more challenging soil types of Western Australia. We believe that The Home Plant Co can offer everybody the chance to have their own little bit of paradise within their own homes and gardens.

From planting peas on my father’s vegetable patch to growing plants with passion and professionalism – I believe that plants provide us with hope for tomorrow and beauty for today.


‘Lovely is the silence of growing things’

My childhood years were spent on the beautiful island of Aoteraroa, land of the long white cloud, or more commonly known as, New Zealand.

Fond memories of playing outdoors, involves spending countless hours building fortes in the gully and riding bikes down the river and through the amazing botanical gardens near where we lived.

Being around nature has always given me a sense of freedom, purpose and happiness.

My sense of adventure has provided us with many world wide adventures from old fashioned roses in England to the mighty Kapok tree of the Amazon Jungle or the beautiful lotus flower of Vietnam.

Each country richly displaying its gift of nature’s most breath-taking locations. Travel has inspired us with the most amazing tropical wildlife and scenery to enjoy and we are blessed that Australia has its unique exotic and beautiful plant life too.

Our knowledge and love of plants and nature has enabled us to create our very own tropical oasis in our very own backyard. The importance of wellbeing, health and nature has never been more important, from the simplicity of a beautiful plant in the family room to tropical plants in the garden – how lovely is the silence of growing things. However, our passion and care for our plants shout out through their rainbow of colours, shapes and beauty. The Home Plant Co was born through a genuine love of ‘all things plants’ we look forward to watching it thrive and grow with you.