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Green ZZ plant in a white pot with green leaf
Zamioculcas zamifolia  'Zanzibar Gem'
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Zamioculcas zamifolia  'Zanzibar Gem'

Zamioculcas zamifolia 'Zanzibar Gem'

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My origins and family:  Native to Eastern Africa from the family Araceae

Looking Good! Growing to a height of 45-60cm I am an evergreen herbaceous perennial with smooth, shiny and dark green leaves, I have a similar look to the zamia palm with leaflets growing opposite to the stem so I'm a little bit different to other traditional indoor plants. I am very tough and drought tolerant so I'm happy to be left to just do my thing.

I thrive best when...

Outdoors: I Grow well in a patio situation as long as I receive indirect sunlight or dappled shade. Low light areas they do well as well.

Indoors: I can cope with almost any situation whether it be bright, medium or low light, however, I do grow faster in bright indirect sunlight.

Likes: Being left alone

Dislikes: Being cared for too much so don’t over-water me or fertilise me too often.

Ideas: I'm pretty easy going so I will compliment most parts of your house. I'm so easy going that I would make a fantastic starter plant for the not so green thumbs.   

Pot size: 140mm (Ceramic pot not included)

Plant Delivery: Due to quarantine laws, delivery is only available to Western Australia


Pet Friendly: No




Brightness: Bright, medium and low light areas



Air purifying: Yes




Plant Size: 45cm-60cm