Tacca Chantieri – Black Bat Flower

Tacca Chantieri – Black Bat Flower

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My origins and family  – South East Asia, China, Thailand and Burma.

Looking good! – my flowers resemble the spread wings of a black bat which emerge during the warmest months.  Once my full sized leaves have been produced I can flower up to eight times a year.

I thrive best when I’m...

Indoors: same conditions as orchids, high humidity, good airflow and moderate light.

Outdoors: Prefer dappled shade or under a patio in a well lit area.

Like: to keep my blooms as I do not live as long as a cut flower.

Dislike: I shiver when I’m cold, so must be kept warm in the winter.

Ideas: I am the perfect combination of exotic and exciting, so would be a lovely home plant for anybody who has a quirky love of nature.

Pot size: 250mm

Pet Friendly:

Brightness: Bright indirect sunlight or part shade


Air purifying: Yes



Plant size: up to 90cm’s, Flower stems and flowers can be up to twice the size of the plant itself