Persea Americana Wurtz – Dwarf Grafted Variety Type A 75Ltr

Persea Americana Wurtz – Dwarf Grafted Variety Type A 75Ltr

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My origins and family:  United States

Looking good! As a small avocado with a height of 4 metres and width of 3 metres, as an evergreen I provide you with fruit from May till September alongside evergreen leaves. My Type A variety is the only true dwarf variety Group A affectionately referred to as ‘Little Cado.’  Even though I pollinate better with Group B I can self fertilise.

I thrive best when...

Outside: Full sun.

Likes: Regular summer watering and well drained enriched soil. Soil conditioner, wetting agents and controlled small amounts of regular fertilising will reward you with delicious avocados.

Dislikes: High salt so consider where planted and your choice of fertiliser. 

Ideas: If you have a small garden and love avocados then I am the tree for you.  Stunning in a pot with a lovely weeping habit, You may also try something different and espalier me. I am not only good for your health but good for your soul too.