Persea Americana “Hass” (Grafted) Type A 75Ltr

Persea Americana “Hass” (Grafted) Type A 75Ltr

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My origins and family: California in the United States

Looking good! At 6 metres high and 4 metres wide Type A variety I pollinate best with a Group B variety however it is not essential as I can fruit fine without it.  As a grafted tree within 3 years medium sized avocado will be born.

I thrive best when...

Outside:  Full sun.

Likes: Regular summer watering and well drained enriched soil. Soil conditioner, wetting agents and controlled small amounts of regular fertilising with special attention to nitrogen.

Dislikes: High salt so consider where it’s planted and your choice of fertiliser. 

Ideas: Leave the best to last but between you and I, The Home Plant Company do rank me as one of their favourites. Enjoy!