Peperomia watermelon
Peperomia Watermelon
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Peperomia Argyreia 'Watermelon'

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My origins and family:  South America

Looking Good! Did someone say watermelon? These cute little plants have rounded fleshy leaves with striking silver stripes that resembles the skin of a watermelon. I can grow to the height and width of approx 30cm.

I thrive best when...

Outdoors: Part shade or in a bright area in your patio.

Indoors: Bright indirect sunlight

Likes: Drying out between watering

Dislikes: Being too wet as this can cause root rot.

Ideas: I’m a very popular houseplant due to my unique looking foliage. I would love to be kept in a well-lit area, where I can take centre stage.

Pot size: 140mm



Pet Friendly: Yes





Brightness: Bright indirect sunlight




Air Purifying: Yes, excellent for this



Plant Size: 25-30cm