Malus x Zumi Golden Hornet – Crabapple 75Ltr

Malus x Zumi Golden Hornet – Crabapple 75Ltr

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My origins and family:  North America and Asia

Looking good!  With a height of 3 – 4 metres and  a width of 3 metres my beauty lies in the upright trunk studded with fragrant pink flowers in early spring followed by an abundance of fruit. My green leaves change to a deep yellow in the autumn.

I thrive best when I’m....

Outside: Full sun to part shade.

Likes: Being moist in the summer so enjoy being planted in well- drained soil.

Dislikes: Our poor soil condition, so it vital to give me some TLC until well established with organic matter at planting with wetting agents and fertiliser. 

Ideas: If you love making and eating crab apple jellies and jam then I am the tree for you – if you don’t then buy me anyway as I may tempt you to those jam jars!