Citrus Limon – Meyer Lemon 75 ltr

Citrus Limon – Meyer Lemon 75 ltr

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My origins and family: China

Looking good! My beautiful hybrid is a cross between a citron and a mandarin/pomelo.  For all you small back yard lovers I am a perfect fit as I grow to a height of 3-4 metres to 4 m wide.  Dark green leaves hold white flowers and fruit all year round.

I thrive best when I’m...

Outside:  Full sun and warm climate and do well in pots on the patio.

Likes: Some care especially in summer so please prepare the planting hole with an enriched soil conditioner and a wetting agent.  Fertilise regularly to improve the quality and quantity of fruit and make sure to keep the water up to it especially in summer.

Dislikes: Citrus leaf miner, so oil based products are best.

Ideas: For all you lemon enthusiasts, my taste is amazing with all the great attributes of a normal lemon without being sour; just pick me to squeeze on salads or eat by itself, in tea or as a treat for your gin and tonic. Holistically the low PH value means I am excellent for an antibacterial and antiseptic cleaner.