Chain of hearts

Ceropegia Woodii 'Chain of Hearts'

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My origins and family:  Africa

Looking Good! I’m a small heart shaped succulent with bold foliage and bright colours. I’m a beautiful trailing plant which makes me a perfect fit for a hanging basket or vertical garden.

I thrive best when...

Outdoors: Full sun to part sun

Indoors: Bright indirect sunlight

Likes: Minimum fuss

Dislikes: Too much water

Ideas: I’m a minimum fuss, low maintenance kinda plant.  Keep me in well-draining soil and leave me to do my thing.  Given enough light, I would make the perfect shelfie plant or if that’s not your thing, hang me in the patio and show me off to all your friends.

Pot size: 100mm


Pet Friendly: YES



Brightness: Bright indirect sunlight or full sun/part sun

Air Purifying: Yes


Plant Size: Trailing