Bauhinia Tree with white flower

Bauhinia Blakeana Alba - White Hong Kong Orchid Tree 75lt

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My origins and family: China, South East Asia and some regions of India.

Looking good! As a small evergreen/semi deciduous tree growing to around 5-7 metres tall with a width of around 6 metres I am a perfect fit for the larger house with smaller gardens.  I can help you be private without taking over your back yard and my beautiful pea shaped white flowers last from springtime and throughout the summer.

I thrive best when I’m...

Outside: Full sun and can cope with almost drought conditions.

Likes:  Not too much irrigation as I flower better in these conditions. Plant me in a rich soil conditioner with the addition of a wetting agent and controlled release fertiliser.

Dislikes: Being too dry when it is very hot.

Ideas: I can almost look after myself and am an independent kinda tree, so perfect for anybody who does not have much gardening time. Perfect for privacy without taking over your garden, giving you interest and contrast and strong enough to withstand a fair amount of wind.