Begonia Maculata
Begonia Maculata 'Poka Dot'
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Begonia Maculata 'Poka Dot'

Begonia Maculata 'Poka Dot'

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My origins and family: Subtropical and tropical regions - Central to South America and Asia

Looking Good! If you’re looking for a houseplant that is a little more exotic, then I’m definitely the plant for you. I have the most glorious olive-coloured foliage with silver spots, red undersides and large angel wing shaped leaves.

I thrive best when....

Outdoors: Bright indirect sunlight or part shade

Indoors: Prefers bright indirect light but can grow in medium to low light.

Likes: To be fertilised with a liquid fertiliser fortnightly in its growing period.

Dislikes. Direct sun as this can result in dry or burnt foliage

Ideas: I’m an easy-going flowering plant that needs to be seen.  Pop me in a beautiful pot and watch my gorgeous angel wings grow.

Pot Size: 120mm


Pet Friendly: No




Brightness: Prefers bright indirect sunlight or part shade.
Can also tolerate low light conditions

Air Purifying: Yes




Plant Size: Up to 1.5m